UPC: 4820230260519 | LOST AT SEA OCEAN SHIP

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UPC: 4820230260519 | LOST AT SEA OCEAN SHIP
UPC: 4820230260519 | LOST AT SEA OCEAN SHIP


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Titanic was launched at 12:15 p.m. on 31 May 1911 in the presence of Lord Pirrie J. Pierpont Morgan J. Bruce Ismay and 100 000 onlookers. On a calm moonless night on 15th April 1912 the most renowned sea disaster in history happened 600 kilometers away from Newfoundland. The most innovative ship ever constructed by a human engineering genius crashed with an iceberg and sank killing 1 517 passengers and crew. The Olympic class ship bore the name Titanic and turned out to symbolize the superiority of the forces of nature over the human mind. Regardless of the terrible accident that caused the disaster the Titanic is worthy of admiration as shipbuilders most perfect creation of the early 20th century. At the time of its launch it was the biggest passenger steamer. Its length was 269 meters an approximate equivalent of three football fields while its width was 28 meters. The height from the keel to the top of the mast is 56 meters which is approximately the height of a modern 20-storey building. The steamer s mass was 52310 tons. This is nearly 300 Boeing 747 aircraft. The Titanic comprised the most advanced technology. Two steam engines and a turbine caused a 55 000 l / s output. A pair of three-bladed side and four-bladed central propellers gave the ship an acceleration of 42 km / h. The whole vessel was electrified. Installed between the hold s compartments were the electrical bulkheads which closed when water was detected. Advanced communications systems gave the captain and duty officer an opportunity to monitor all of the ship s systems. Choosing ship models to create a designer the Metal time engineers first of all turned to the history of the early 20th century s most impeccable and named the model Lost at Sea. In this model you can find the era s super-steamers features magnificence power and grace. Two propellers four pipes four decks anchors with chains and hold rooms with a gearbox and an electric motor – this ship will excite everyone who is concerned about technical masterpieces. The models numerous components and parts will give you the joy of technical creativity for many priceless hours. The metal taming and the fulfilment of the obtained outcome will leave a remarkable impression and a sense of belonging to the significant creations of the past. The Lost at Sea is a tribute to the inventor s audacity and the courage of the crews of the 20th century s great steamers. Therefore the Lost at Sea model should undeniably become a part of your collection.

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